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We pride ourselves on giving back to the educational community and rewarding academic success. Frequently, we discount or donate our services to help those in need or to reward individuals who have made education a priority. Whether it be yourself, a friend, or an organization, you may know someone who could use a Bridell Boost. If so, let us know!

We regret that we cannot accept every request, but will do our best to help in any way we can.

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Bridell Lifesaver

Bridell Donated $1,500.00 of academic services to The Madrona Elementary School PTA Annual 2010 Auction : Go Mustangs!

Bridell Donated $6,500.00 of academic services to Oaks Christian School Annual 2010 Auction : Go Lions!

Bridell Donated $1,500.00 of academic services to Ascension Lutheran School 2010 Annual Auction for Education: Go Kingsmen and Regals

The Bridell Edge!

We have the tools and resources to prepare a student both mentally and academically for their bright future. Our knowledge of the global playing field instills the confidence for students to compete throughout the world, not just on a national level.

Don't wait–a certified academic counselor is standing by!

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