About Us

“We Begin Where School Leaves Off”

Students are taught the basics during school hours and then practice those fundamentals through homework. At Bridell Institute, we fill in the gaps in their curriculum and then allow them to apply these foundational skills to more advanced problems. This ensures each student will come to a comprehensive understanding of all necessary concepts and be able to apply them throughout their academic career. We have the necessary resources to prepare students both mentally and academically for their bright futures. Our knowledge of the global academic environment instills the confidence for students to be competitive throughout the world, not just on a local or national level.

We carefully match students with teachers so that positive influential relationships can be developed. Each student’s individual learning style and personality is taken into consideration when paired with our highly qualified instructors to create the most suitable learning situation for each student. The coach/player rapport that quickly develops allows our coaches to know students on a more personal level, allowing for attention to students’ individual strengths and weaknesses. At Bridell Institute, we know that a coach’s intuition is key to Accelerating Academic Achievement.

Thousand Oaks Ca.

Mark Campbell

President / Academic Coach

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