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Academia has become increasingly difficult and competitive. The Bridell Edge ensures student success on the scholastic playing field. We have the necessary resources to prepare students both mentally and academically for their bright futures. Our knowledge of the global academic environment instills the confidence for students to compete throughout the world, not just on a local or national level. With positive encouragement and a low student to academic coach ratio, students develop “I can” attitudes that remain with them through their academic careers. At Bridell Institute, we coach not just for the season, but for a student’s entire career.

  • Perfect Match Technology: We carefully match students with teachers so that positive influential relationships can be developed. Students' individual learning styles and personalities are taken into consideration in matching them with our highly qualified instructors to create the most suitable learning situation for each student.
  • No Group Instruction: Large classroom size is a major factor of failure. More learning takes place when instruction is focused and individualized. We Accelerate Academic Achievement through getting straight to the point by not creating busy work, and honing in on the specific areas that need attention most.
  • Qualified Instructors: Our coaches are degreed and certified, with experience in public, private, and home sectors of education. They bring a wealth of knowledge in cross-cultural connections that allow us to draw from the best of all teaching techniques.
  • Rewards Program: Our unique rewards program keeps students engaged in their studies and the center. We do not simply reward for right answers, but also for strong effort and consistent improvement. We praise our students by individually highlighting their achievements and recent successes.
Whether for enrichment, supplement, or test prep, Bridell offers the tools to fulfill most academic needs.
We make learning fun, while still taking academics seriously.

Don’t wait for success–learn now!

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The Bridell Edge!

No Group Instruction: Guarantees that your child will never be overlooked and is given undivided attention.

Customized Instruction: Program is designed around students' needs and goals to prevent busy work.

Qualified Instructors: Our academic coaches are passionate, effective, and experienced educators.

Bridell Rewards Program

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