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The choice to homeschool is both exciting and daunting. But, you do not have to enter the world of individualized childhood education alone. We are here to help; we offer support for homeschoolers of all ages for all subjects. By aiding in teaching subjects that are either difficult or require time-consuming preparation, we remove the aggravation and allow homeschooling to be productive and enjoyable for both students and parents. Our academic coaches are highly skilled in providing the framework of necessary content while still allowing for flexibility to accomodate the pre-determined educational goals of each family. Bridell Institute is your key to homeschooling success.

  • Teachers with comprehensive home school experience
  • Distraction-free environment
  • Educational support without sacrificing the freedom and flexibility of home education
  • Improved organization

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Customized Instruction: Program is designed around students' needs and goals to prevent busy work.

Rewards Program: Unique system keeps students engaged by individually highlighting students' achievements and successes.

Perfect Match Technology: Learning styles and personalities are taken into consideration in matching students with our highly qualified instructors.

Bridell Rewards Program

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