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Students learn best when programs are tailored to their individual strengths, weaknesses and personalities. As a result, we administer skills assessments to each of our students to determine their current academic grade levels in a variety of specific areas. Our comprehensive assessments, which are recognized by educators, allow us to create programs that fill the gaps in students’ knowledge, identify areas that need improvement, and capitalize on students’ strengths. This method Accelerates Academic Achievement by empowering students to work toward specific goals, giving them the advantage needed for success.

Available Assessments

• Math
• General Math
• Pre-Algebra
• Algebra
• Geometry
• Trigonometry
• Math Analysis
• Calculus
• Math Concepts and Applications
• Mathematics Computation

• Reading
• Phonetic Awareness
• Spelling
• Study Skills
• Vocabulary
• Comprehension
• Language Mechanics
• Language Expression
• Writing

Standardized Practice Test

Special Needs
• Dyslexia


Assessment is a great tool to determine a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Our competitive assessment standards determine:

• Academic grade level in a variety of different subject areas
• Specific areas that need to be strengthened
• Ranking against state and national standards
• Program customization to directly address the student’s needs

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Customized Instruction: Program is designed around students' needs and goals to prevent busy work.

Rewards Program: Unique system keeps students engaged by individually highlighting students' achievements and successes.

Perfect Match Technology: Learning styles and personalities are taken into consideration in matching students with our highly qualified instructors.

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