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Reading skills determine success in every school subject. Our program focuses on mastery of the specific reading skills necessary for achievement at each student's level. Future success in reading comprehension begins with a solid foundation. Accordingly, for our youngest students, we concentrate on phonemic awareness, alphabetic principles, and accuracy and fluency with text. As students become proficient in these areas, we turn our attention to teaching comprehension and how to actively read. Active reading not only strengthens literacy but also helps engage a student in the activity, simultaneously promoting reading for pleasure. Bridell Institute's expert academic coaches use innovative methods to instill in our students the reading skills essential for achievement in all areas of academia.

In the later grades, academic success greatly depends on the ability to comprehend and critically analyze what one reads. These abilities are based on accurate reading and reasoning skills paired with excellent attention to detail and expansion of memory capacity. Our expert instructors coach students on reading not just for content but also for understanding and learning.

  • Solidification of basic phonics skills
  • Increased reading accuracy and fluency
  • Promotes reading for pleasure
  • Easier absorption of difficult reading material
  • Construction of meaning effectively and immediately
  • Effortless understanding of text with little conscious attention

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Customized Instruction: Program is designed around students' needs and goals to prevent busy work.

Rewards Program: Unique system keeps students engaged by individually highlighting students' achievements and successes.

Perfect Match Technology: Learning styles and personalities are taken into consideration in matching students with our highly qualified instructors.

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