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Summer FunAcademic coaching is a year-round activity at Bridell Institute. In order to be competitive players in the global education game, students cannot let an entire summer pass without sharpening their skills. Whether it is playing catch-up or working to get ahead, Bridell Institute knows which areas to hone over the summer months for maximum benefit throughout the school year. However, it is not all about the books; students need to refresh themselves with fun and games. Our summer program is the perfect way to keep kids' minds fresh and get them excited about school!

Single Subject Enrichment
This is intended for students who need focused help in a specific subject. By concentrating on a weakness in a single subject area, we are able to make huge strides in filling skills gaps and preparing students for the upcoming year.

Stay Afloat
This program is intended for students who are at or above grade level in all areas (as determined by our free skills assessment) but would like to keep their minds fresh over the summer months. In order to be competitive players in the global education game, students cannot let an entire summer pass without sharpening their skills. For these students, this is the perfecr program to do just that!


We focus on 4 main areas:

Review last year's material and begin covering next year's topics.
Reading comprehension
Improve active reading, analysis, and inference skills. Also, increase enjoyment through participation in ourreading club!
Exciting group activities are used to review and teach parts of speech and rules of grammar.
In conjunction with our reading club, students will learn various writing techniques through writing book reports and essays on topics from their readings.

Reading Club
Explore the path of an academic on this exciting reading adventure! Starting on the road to a high school diploma and working their way up to a doctorate, students will receive awards for reading books from a list designated for each level. Upon complaetion of each book, students can complete writing assignments specific to each book for additional points and "graduate" to the next level.

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