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Virtual Tutoring

Virtual LearningVirtual learning is not new to us. For over a decade, we have worked with various students globally in all subjects. Providing supplemental, enrichment, standardized test preparation, or teaching new subject material. Working with minors online has never been taken lightly. Always safety first. We offer parents a choice for video or no video help. Only voice and whiteboard if desired. All teachers are live scanned to teach and are insured to give online instruction.  The majority of our learners prefer video for the experience, and we do so in a secure manner.

The online classroom is 1-to-1, and students learn from communicating with the teacher through a digital whiteboard in our virtual classroom, VOIP for audio, and material that we post or mail to you.  In most cases, students already have the material needed. Dependent upon the program, some students are in groups for opportunities such as workshops, events, and virtual field trips.

All sessions are recorded and are accessible to the student and parent after each session. This way, the student or parent can go back and relearn the material as needed, customized to their level of understanding for best retention.

  • Private
  • Focused attention
  • Customized learning
  • Quick access
  • Access to past sessions library
  • Secured
  • Ease of use
  • Parental controlled


We understand homeschool!  Twenty-five years ago, we began helping students inside of a garage with everyday math.  Eventually, that garage would extend to neighbors’ homes, churches, and community facilities. We were working with homeschoolers, and as homeschoolers ourselves, Bridell Institute was birthed out of a homeschool community. Little did we know we would be where we are today and have supported thousands of students over time.

Our homeschool program assists you in all of your homeschool needs. Not limited to teaching but also managing progress, record keeping, material selection, and overseeing the legal registration process for you as a homeschooler.

Regardless of your needs, all subjects, or single subject, we can partner with you not only as a support opportunity but also as homeschoolers ourselves.

  • Experienced homeschoolers
  • Student management
  • Progress tracking
  • Material selecting
  • Legal filing support
  • Single or multi-subject

Homework Help

Bridell HelpHomework help is vital!  All students require some form of homework assistance.  It is a fact that most students who are at the head of their class receive some form of additional help outside the classroom regularly. Given the proper resources is how they beat their competition. It is not that they are gifted or better than other students. It is because they are more equipped to succeed.  It starts with a parent or guardian giving them the right tools and building a relationship with the exemplary educators.

Ease the day to day struggle and frustration in as little as one or two affordable hours per week. With virtual schooling and the new learning curve, you will not regret getting help. Call us today!

  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Less frustration
  • Multi-subject
  • Experts teaching in their specialty
  • Single-subject
  • Convenient

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