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Student Progress Management

With today’s high demands and juggling busy schedules, the high stakes of earning an education have evolved to become a daunting experience for all ages. The “I Can” attitude has succumbed to how well one can juggle academic demands, lifestyle, and social activities. Not only for students but parents equally. Balancing work and home responsibilities, parents quickly lose track of their child’s achievements.

At Bridell, we take this burden away and manage success for you by being accessible by your fingertips.

Our expert teachers connect with both you and your child daily.  Keeping you informed and up to date on all success made and challenges they are overcoming. This way, you do not skip a beat, and rest assure you have a vested partner in their education while you are still able to balance work, home life, and parenting. Give yourself peace of mind knowing we are addressing academic concerns before they become an issue for you.

  • Homework support
  • Grade monitoring
  • Teacher connection
  • Teacher conference support
  • To-do list and reminders

Parent Inclusion

HomeschoolWe recognize parent involvement to be one of the essential elements of our service.  We view tutoring or any form of academic assistance a partnership equally with the parent and student.  We acknowledge the difficulties it can be working with your young learner. It is not that you can not, but in most cases, children and young adults form a unique relationship bond with tutors different from their parents. With a tutor, students feel it is okay to be wrong as opposed to the desire to impress a parental figure and risk disappointment.  We maintain a transparent relationship by allowing you access to all work and virtual recorded sessions. Such access enables you to see both your learner’s experience, progress, and tutor’s interaction in addition to the database of recorded sessions. You may also connect directly with the tutor at any time. Our integrity is our word for the service we provide for you and your learner.

  • Transparent parent relationships
  • Growth with integrity
  • Access to all virtual sessions
  • Build quality relationships


Bridell 25 YearsFor over 23 years, we have served learners and their families.  All staff members must possess either a degree, certification, license, or have established mastery of a subject-based upon many years of professional life experience.  All tutors and instructors specialize in the areas in which they teach. Before hiring and probationary period, all must pass a series of tests in their teaching or grade specialty. They must present several recommendations and shadow co-teachers for some time. Instructors who teach any format of standardized testing require additional knowledge. They must exhibit continuous growth in mastery and techniques year over year, due to the high demand of students wanting to earn better test scores and the competitive design of the standardized testing.  We believe our teaching staff represents the best of the best, as it has been proven for over 23 years working in academia, student results, and student acceptance into the universities of their chosen who have participated in our programs.

  • Over 23 years of experience
  • Degreed teachers
  • Advanced knowledge
  • Experts teaching in their specialty
  • Sophisticated hiring process
  • Continuous education

Innovative Solutions

StemWe do not teach using cookie-cutter methodologies. Having access to a vast number of resources and professionals, we match students learning styles with the best use of material written for their learning ability. There is no one size fit perspective.  Many of our competitor’s box students into one methodology, and from experience, it takes twice as long to achieve anticipated results. The outcome is countless hours spent and a massive financial impact.  Knowing, all learners are unique. We believe it is our responsibility to develop our students individually according to their uniqueness. We are confident in our attempt to match students precisely to the right instructor, material, and technologies qualified to offer them a competitive edge helping them to advance quicker and complimenting their learning style.

  • No cookie-cutter teaching
  • Unlimited learning resources
  • Cost savings
  • Balanced use of technology
  • Perfect teacher match instruction
  • Tailored material focused on student needs

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